HM004 Hmayart Single Layer Raw Xuan Paper 100 Sheets (68 x 34 cm) (26.8 x 13.4 in)

Product Description

Category: raw xuan paper with good water absorption;

Size : 34 * 68 cm (13.4 * 26.8 in), 100 sheets/package;

Material: the natural mountain stream and wingceltis tress is the main material of HMAY ART Xuan Paper. Especially the wingcelitis - one special tree grows in Jing county Xuancheng city (the birthplace of xuan paper) only. it has great tensile strength and flexibility. That's why Xuan paper (named by the area name Xuancheng ) so famous with good quality;

Technology: there are 108 procedures totally for the xuan paper. All by handmade;

This paper was produced in 2010. All professional sumi-e artist must know: About xuan paper, THE OLDER, THE BETTER!

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