LP008 Hmayart Wengfangsibao Cotton Deluxe Set

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Category】:Culture Gift Set

Name】: LP008 Wengfangsibao Cotton Deluxe Set
Size】:50x42x7 cm
【Built-in】Xuan brush pen:“Hualong” brand                    2 pens
                        Huizhou ink:“Hukaiwen” brand 11.5x3.5cm    1 sheet
                        Xuan paper: Red xuan paper 138x33cm        10 sheets
                        Inkstones :“Guohao” brand        20cm            1 piece
                        Book: Wenfangsibao                                         1 book
Usage】:  Collection、Gifts
New design, exquisite packaging, primitive simplicity, four treasures: pen, ink, paper and inkstone boutiques together, boxes look solemn and elegant, antique, high quality of the products, easy to carry, flexible using, good for appreciation and collection, widely cherished by painting and calligraphy hobbyists both domestic and abroad.




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