About Us

Xuan Paper, product of origin protected by China, is originating in hilly region of Jing County, Anhui Province, China. In ancient times, Jing County belonged to the Prefecture of Xuanzhou and now governed by Xuancheng City, therefore it was named as‘Xuan Paper’. Picturesque landscape and flowing streams here provides rich natural resources: Peteroceltis tatatrinowii bark, straw,additives,stream water, etc. Xuan Paper manufacturing techniques passing from generation to genteration, people here are living on this. Through about one thousand years, all dynasties ranked Xuan Paper as ‘tribute’. Xuan Paper from Jing County of Anhui Province has won gold medals on international expos, it is sold hotly all over China,even in Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, American and other countries.

Hmay Art Co.,Ltd is sited in origin place of Xuan Paper, Jing County, Xuan City of Anhui Province, produces and mainly sells Xuan Paper products. For  ‘Hmayart’ brand, the Xuan Paper we sell applies traditional techniques and premium raw materials, fine workmanship and high-quality texture. 

For other hmayart xuan paper crafts, they are made of materials required by genuine Xuan Paper such as Peteroceltis tatatrinowii, Jing County straw and Jing County stream water.The paper is purely white and fine, soft and even, cottony flexible and hard, bright but not smooth, semi-transparent, incorruptible after long storage, no injury after times of fold, anti-aging, insect-proof and decay-proof. Now we sincerely invite domestic and overseas literati and scholars to participate in the grand occasion of Chinese studies together.